Chuck Close

Chuck Close is one of America's most eminent artists. He emerged as a painter in 1960s New York with large-scale photo-realist portraits, and has forged a career making work based on minute observations of his own head and that of his friends and family. Over the years, Close's square by square process has been made intrinsic to the composition of his work. More and more, we find heads fragmented into a myriad of intricate abstract shapes. Nevertheless, from a distance the subject still resonates as a clear motif.


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Chuck Close in Guardian AustraliaNovember 2014

Andrew Frost reviews 'Chuck Close: Prints, Process and Collaboration' at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Australia:

Chuck Close featured in Artist ProfileNovember 2014

"I was a magician as a kid, but I always broke the cardinal rule to never reveal how a trick was done. I feel the same way about this exhibition. I want people to see and experience how these prints are made, and to understand that prints like these are not "reproductions" or "lesser" in intrinsic value than paintings. I firmly believe that knowing how they are made doesn't take away from the magic of the work of art." - Chuck Close