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Peter Maloney Fairy Stories in the Penny Arcade

4 - 25 July 2015

Peter Maloney's latest paintings are a hyped-up colour enterprise, embedded with absurdist cut-up texts painted from tabloids and magazines, reprising William Burroughs' linguistics and punk graphics.

In conversation Maloney often asserts a post-gay, post-Aids sensibility, even if at times those issues are almost imperceptible in his work. He also alludes to his in utero "experience" of the first British atomic test in the West Australian Montebello Islands when his mother stood, heavily pregnant, on their Onslow verandah watching the explosion on October 3 1952. Maloney says he often wonders if he was affected in some way by that occurrence and that the endless radiating lines in his paintings represent x-ray shock waves, ‘born before he was born'.

The artist states, "I don't know. Is it just me or do we all move in ever-diminishing circles? I draw a line in the sand and then another, and another. I photograph those lines, copy those photographs and transfer them to a canvas, re-photograph them and it all begins again. Hopefully some sort of meaning or even visual or intellectual pleasure is leaked or leached into a shared experience."

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