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Liz Coats Streaming

22 February - 15 March 2014

Walking alone one morning whilst on a field research trip at Glenbog State forest in south-east NSW, Liz Coats came upon a flooded creek and the inspiration for her latest series of paintings:

Looking for a place to cross, I followed the creek downstream for a short distance to a rocky ledge where I clambered down to a pool below. Strands of foam and tiny bits of detritus stirred up by the pressure of falling water were circulating in the current with a continuous visible pulse. I watched streaks and tiny whirlpools of bubbles form and re-form, break apart around a protruding rock, or cut by a floating leaf into lateral threads, then gather speed before releasing through the narrow gap downstream. I knew then, that I was seeing the basis for a new group of paintings.

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