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David Aspden An Artists' Artist

5 - 26 October 2013

I’ve tried to work out what sort of painter I am. Some people have written things or said things about my paintings and about other paintings and tend to group them under different headings, such as abstract or hard-edge, op or pop and all the rest of the titles, but I think that rarely do painters fall into these categories.

David Aspden

Characteristically, Aspden would dance about the expansive area of a painting, applying paint rapidly in a performative way... Through his individual approach to colour-field painting, Aspden mastered the manipulation of light, colour and form... he developed a way to visually communicate an aesthetic ideal through the contemplative process of a studio practice.

Christopher Dean

...no matter how resolutely abstract, Aspden’s work never came across as mere pattern-making or design. There was an urgency to his paintings, a seriousness of purpose and a restless invention that forced him to keep experimenting until the very end.

John McDonald

I have always thought of David Aspden as an artists’ artist. He followed his own path and was unflinching in the face of changing fashions. His work is unmistakably his own. It has endured with integrity and holds the respect and admiration of artists across generations.

Christopher Hodges

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