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Helen Eager High Noon (After the Wall)

7 - 28 September 2013

Helen’s paintings invite us to delight in appearance, just as she delights in the physical act of making. The surfaces of her canvases shimmer and strobe like luminescent deep-sea creatures, like tropical birds in flight, like a swarm of bees, like sand at midday in summer, like a forest in a breeze. The similes could be endless, and that’s the point. Her paintings have an insistent presence that is expansive. They are constantly changing. Their surfaces won’t stay still. In some, dancing chains of triangles threaten to jump out from the picture plane. In others the dazzling white of the ground jostles for attention. In most of these works the eye must constantly navigate between form and ground in a way that can verge on the pyschedelic. Their effect is both endo- and exothermic in that they respond to the changing lights of morning, noon and dusk at the same time as they emit their own light.

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