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Peter Maloney Radar & Other Fabulous Colours

11 May - 1 June 2013

The electric surfaces of Canberra based artist Peter Maloney's latest paintings hum with energy, as vibrant colours collide, remnants of past layers poking through at the edges. For Maloney, ‘the whole canvas is like a conversation between the colours and between the shapes, and the little bits that exist between the lines feel like interjections of some kind.'

The conversation is continued in Maloney's text-based works on paper, in which mashed up clippings from old headlines are painted, torn edges and wonky scissor lines intact, over fields of swirling lines. These cryptic statements, harking back to the cut-ups of William Burroughs, read like a Dadaist poem on acid, with equal amounts of humour and the macabre.

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